Open Invitation to FSC consultation on biodiversity training & resources

This is an open invitation from the Field Studies Council for your participation in a consultation on the development of new resources and training for biological recording.

The consultation is part of our Tomorrow’s Biodiversity Project and the general background to it is described on here:

We would really value a contribution from your own perspective as a biological recorder or as a representative of an organisation with interests in biological recording.

We have organised a series of workshops around the country and we want to hear from as wide a range of biological recorders and biological recording interests as possible. If you would like to attend a workshop, you will be made very welcome.

Workshops will run from 10 am to no later than 4 pm. Dates and locations are as follows:

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh - 24th April
FSC Margam, South Wales - 8th May
FSC Belfast, Northern Ireland - 15th May
FSC Blencathra, Cumbria - 22nd May
FSC Slapton Ley, Devon - 29th May
FSC Preston Montford, Shropshire - 3rd June
Attenborough Nature Centre, Nottingham - 5th June
Natural History Museum, London - 11th June
Natural History Museum, London - 12th June

There are 10 places on each workshop. We will provide a buffet lunch and a fixed payment of £50 to participants for expenses.

At the workshops I will give an overview of the project and the current issues as we see them at the FSC. Then I will lead a structured (but open) discussion about the issues and potential solutions as you see them.

If you would like to attend a workshop, please let me know, by email, the location and date of the workshop on which you want to book a place.

I do hope that you can contribute to the consultation – we want to take account of a wide range of views as we shape the future FSC biodiversity education and resources

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