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Tomorrow's Biodiversity Project

The FSC Tomorrow's Biodiversity Project consultation workshops and other meetings enabled us to conduct face-to-face consultations with over 90 people including representatives from national conservation agencies, NGOs, Recording Schemes & Societies and grass-roots biological recorders. Every workshop and meeting produced some very creative discussion and exciting ideas. Our next job is to collate the ideas, produce a short summary document and invite final comments on this. When this is done - over the next few weeks - you will be invited to comment on it. The consultations and feedback on this document will inform the decisions we make about the delivery phase of the Tomorrow's Biodiversity Project 2015-2017.

Biodiversity Fellows offers

There are 20% discounts for Biodiversity Fellows on a number of FSC Natural History courses until the end of July. For details of the courses being offered, please see here:

Best wishes from the FSC Biodiversity Team.

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