iSpot Interactive Keys training 26th February

There are still some places available on a Biodiversity Fellowshsip workshop exploring iSpot Interactive Keys. The workshop will be held at the Open University on Wednesday 26th February under the tutorship of Dr Jon Rosewell of the Open University - the authority on iSpot Interactive keys (also called 'iSpot bayesian keys').

The workshop will show you how to construct a new iSpot key as an aid to identifying species. If you know about a group of species and can describe a set of characters for each of those species, then you have all the information required to make a new iSpot key. Just fill in a table, upload it to iSpot, and iSpot software will do the rest. To make the key more user friendly, you can include images (either links to photos already on iSpot or your own new ones), additional text to describe species, and a glossary to illustrate characters. Instruction on all of these features is available at the workshop. Even if you do not have this kind of 'species-character matrix' you can still attend and learn about the principles.

For more info, see:

The workshop will run at the Open University in Milton Keynes on Wednesday 26th February between 10 am and 4 pm. The course is free to FSC Biodiversity Fellows.

To book a place on the workshop, email Rich Burkmar:

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