Conservation Evidence Symposium

Using evidence to inform conservation decision making

This one day symposium, supported by the British Ecological Society (BES) and the Field Studies Council (FSC), brought together field recorders, conservationists, landscape managers and researchers to explore the generation and use of conservation evidence now and going forward into the 21st century.

Attendance, Presentations & handouts

  Attendance list
Bill Sutherland Why evidence matters - how it could transform conservation
John Hopkins The role of the journal Conservation Evidence
David Gowing Management of wet grasslands: how wet is wet?
Paul Ashton Genetic evidence: What has it ever done for conservation management?
Keith Porter Evidence to delivery in a Statutory Agency
John Dutton & Hayley Clayton Managing wild boar, use of evidence and the precautionary principle
Ian Trueman The created meadow as nature conservation
Ian Trueman Handout: Fran's Meadow
Ian Trueman Handout: Creating a species-rich hay meadow
Jan Winder From fieldwork to evidence – a case study on disseminating the results of conservation management
Sarah Whild Biological records as evidence of ecological change – delving into the past
Sue Townsend Notes from the open forum

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